Candidate Preparation

Candidate Preparation video

Welcome to the candidate preparation page. It is important that you view this short informative video to get a better understanding of what video interviewing is and what you can expect during the interview process. Please pay close attention to the tips and recommendations given during the video as these tips and recommendations will serve as a great guide for you to complete your online interview successfully and professionally.
Video Interviewing Process

How long do I have to complete my interview?

There will be a set deadline but the date will be communicated in your invitation email as “complete by”. After the communicated date the link will no longer be valid.

How much time do I have to answer a question?

The available answer time per question is set by the company you are applying to. When conducting your interview, the maximum answer time per question is shown on the recording page. The available time can vary so be sure to check the time limit set per question.

Is it possible to see the interview questions in advance?

No, just like a traditional face-to-face interview you are not given the questions in advance.

If I move forward to the next question, can I return to the previous one?

No, after you complete your answer it is saved and you move on to the next question.

Can I re-record my answers?

No, we try to keep it as close to a face-to-face interview as possible. Once you are done recording your answer it will be saved and you will not be able to re-record.

Can an interviewer record the interview without my permission?

No, on the sign in page there is a link to an agreement, by signing into the interview room means that you agree to the terms and you give the interviewer permission to make a recording. Only after you have signed into the interview room the recording functionality will be available for an interviewer.

How do I make sure that I present myself professionally in my video interview?

Here are our top tips:


  • Ensure the room is light and be aware of what is displayed in the background
  • Make sure you center yourself in the video frame
  • Dress for the video interview like you would for a traditional in-person meeting
  • Check your composition. It is important that you make eye contact
  • Treat the video interview just like an in-person interview with regards to grooming

My audio/webcam is not working. What now?

Firstly, make sure your device does have microphone/webcam functionality. Try using an alternative browser such as Google Chrome. Also check if you have allowed the browser to access the microphone/webcam.

  1. Open Chrome then click or tap the menu at the top right. It’s represented by three stacked dots.
  2. Choose Settings
  3. Scroll all the way down the page and open the Advanced link
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the Privacy and security section and choose Content settings.
  5. Choose either Camera or Microphone to access either settings.


I am selected for an online interview but I cannot connect.

Please check if your browser is supported (Follow the steps mentioned above) and whether you have a sufficient Internet connection. Check your Internet connection here.

What happens if I lose internet connection during the interview process?

You can use the same interview link and login details as well as the same unique code from the email to return to the interview. You will start from the beginning; however the system already captured your completed answers and will prompt you to continue with the interview.

What if I receive a phone call while doing the interview on my mobile device?

You can use the same interview link and login details as well as the same unique code from the email to return to the interview. You will start from the beginning; however the system already captured your completed answers and will prompt you to continue with the interview.

My interview link has expired. What now?

This means the due date for your interview has passed. If you would like an extension on your interview due date, you will need to contact the company you applied to with this inquiry.

Which devices can I use to conduct my interview?

You can complete your video interview on a smartphone (Android only) or PC/laptop with a webcam using Chrome as your default browser.

Is my Internet connection sufficient?

Ensure you have a strong, stable Internet connection. Check your Internet speed here. We recommend a minimun of 3G for mobile and 4mbps for wifi or ADSL.

What browsers are supported?

You can conduct your interview using Google Chrome browser.

Please note that iOS (iPhone) devices are currently not supported.

Other Questions

I would like to practice a video interview. Is this possible?

We are in the process of including a test page on our website. However, when you begin the interview, you will be given an opportunity to do a practise question and answer before you start the actual interview.

How can I prepare for my video interview?

Our tips & recommendations video provide you with useful tips & tricks to support you in your preparation. Click Here to view the preparation video.

Where can I get support if needed?

You can contact @Play support via email at

Who has access to watch the videos I record?

The company that has requested for you to complete the online interview has access to your video answers from a secure and private network. Only those involved in the hiring process will be able to view your data.

How can I delete my account and information?

If you would like us to delete your information in future, please email

Please note that this request could impact your application outcome and will remove you from the database.

You can also contact the information officer directly, please follow the link for details: Information Officer details

Are we GDPR and POPI compliant?

Yes, we are 100% GDPR compliant.

  • Candidates give permission for data processing.
  • Candidates can request their data be deleted at anytime and it will be removed from our servers.
  • Data is stored in the region of imputation. We have servers in South Africa and Europe.
Contact the Information Officer

You can contact the Information Officer directly with regards to amending personal information, deleting personal details or the objection for use of data.

If you would like to contact the information officer directly, please follow the link: Information Officer details