The Candidate Engagement

Provide candidates with the freedom to engage with you from any location and with any smart device in their own time. With your employer brand showcased, candidates will be able to enjoy a unique, innovative candidate experience.

The Candidate Interview

Reach more candidates quicker and gain a reliable first impression increasing the probability of a good match. Add competencies, comment, rate and collaborate with the hiring manager. Get a first-hand feel of the candidates’ personality and technical ability.

The Candidate Selection

Select the best candidates based on a combination of personality and competency insights. You can’t ask for a better, more efficient way to hire!

Create your own position specific interviews

Our platform allows you to customise your interviews in order to create a unique interview process.
No candidate or position is the same. We have built our platform to help you achieve your desired results by incorporating flexible and customisable settings.

Access our question library

Manage your interview questions in the @Play question library. You have the option to create your own or use our pre-populated question library to efficiently script and structure your interviews.

Monitor. Analyze. Optimize.

Access reporting analytics to guide your recruitment practices.



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