Immersive Leadership Simulations

In the dynamic world of business, leadership and management capabilities hold the key to success. Companies need leaders who can navigate complex challenges, inspire teams, and drive growth.

Discover, Xpedite, and Amplify leadership capability with our immersive simulations. Leverage deep insights and analytics to confidently select, grow, and accelerate leadership bench strength across all levels.

Organisations dedicate significant resources to identify individuals with the potential for leadership. However, traditional approaches are often influenced by personal biases, preventing organisations from discovering and harnessing true potential.

Discover is an immersive leadership simulation which objectively evaluates multiple personality and leadership competencies, fundamental to early leader success. Gain insight into competencies such as learning agility, resilience and perseverance, impact and influence, to name a few.

The simulation is ideal for companies wanting to accurately assess leadership potential within a group, to evaluate leadership bench-strength across the organisation, and/or to provide participants with valuable insights before starting a leadership program.

With its ability to simulate critical leadership challenges, the experience will help to discover unique leadership capabilities today!

Not all high performers are ready to step up as managers.

Xpedite is an immersive management simulation designed to measure foundational management competence and to evaluate how emerging managers, first time managers and senior managers apply themselves to management scenarios.

Through video simulations and interactive exercises, participants get a realistic experience of making decisions, coaching direct reports and interacting with a variety of stakeholders.

With Xpedite, organisations can confidently make talent decisions, whilst supporting participants with deep insights into areas of strength and development opportunity.

Amplify is a realistic and interactive simulation designed for senior leaders and emerging executives. It provides a dynamic environment for leaders to practice their decision-making skills and tackle real-life leadership challenges.

The simulation goes beyond theoretical knowledge and allows participants to actively demonstrate and apply their skills in a safe and controlled setting. By replicating a business environment, leaders are exposed to various leadership scenarios and are expected to make critical decisions.

The simulation also offers valuable insights into the factors that enable or hinder leadership success, such as competencies, motivators, and emotional intelligence.  Additionally, it provides a deeper understanding of retention factors and how to effectively motivate and retain top talent.

Amplify Plus is an executive business simulation that aims to provide a realistic and engaging experience for participants at the executive/C- level.  The simulation recreates business situations and challenges that executives often face, allowing for the evaluation of their skills and capabilities in a CEO context.

Participants are assessed based on targeted competencies, with their behaviours and skills during the simulation being taken into account. A comprehensive report is then generated, summarising the participants’ capabilities and providing in-depth feedback.

This helps participants gain valuable insight into their own strengths and areas for development. The assessment results also provide senior stakeholders in your organisation with the information needed to make informed decisions regarding roles and development plans.

The Benefits of Leadership Simulations

Multi-Method Simulation

The simulation includes a multi-method approach to ensure factors like personality and leadership competencies.

User Friendly Reports

Our unique approach leverages user-friendly reports to empower participants, coaches, and team members alike to quickly identify potential areas of strength and development opportunities.

Scalable Implementation

Easy to implement with a few leaders or scale across your entire leadership population.

Real Behavioural Situations

Through video simulations and interactive exercises, participants get a realistic experience of making decisions, coaching direct reports, and interacting with a variety of stakeholders.

Bench Strength Analysis

Identify potential. Aggregate data allows for a holistic view of leadership bench strength across your organisation.

Development Catalyst

Exposure to the experience itself acts as a development catalyst to ignite development.

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